[CentOS-devel] update w.r.t VM's for forums / portals testing

Fri Oct 3 15:52:57 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

hi Guys,

We were hoping to use a series of VM's hosted at flexiscale.com for 
doing this testing. However, it was just sheer bad luck for us that they 
decided to do some maintenance work starting the 26th Sept, which are 
still ongoing. But I am hopeful that they will be done by Monday the 6th.

Fallout for us is that while this maint work is going at their end, we 
cant create any new VM's. This was totally not planned from our side, 
even the initial announcement that came through only said work would 
start on the 26th and be done in time for business hours 29th Sept. But 
it seems that they were unable to finish the work, and its still ongoing.

If there is still no progress with the issue on Monday, we can setup a 
Xen instance and go via that route, at a different setup.

Karanbir Singh : http://www.karan.org/  : 2522219 at icq