[CentOS-devel] Custom CentOS :: Buildinstall: package order problem

Wed Oct 22 07:25:06 UTC 2008
Richard J <richardj112 at gmail.com>


I am trying to make a custom CentOS distro with some of my additional
3rd party RPMS added in it. I need to do the following:
1) To Install basic CentOS 5.2
2) To install my 3rd party RPMs along with CentOS installation
3) Some other changes, like changing some text strings in the
installation process

For these tasks I am using buildinstall tool that comes in the

Before running this tool I am making a 'package order file' using the
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/pkgorder tool and then using that package
order file in the buildinstall tool (with the "--pkgorder" switch)

I am able to make the iso file of the customized CentOS with my RPMS.
After burning this iso on a CD I am able to install CentOS as well.

But, the problem lies in the order in which the packages get installed.
There is a 3rd party RPM which needs the kernel source to get
installed, but the kernel's rpm get installed after the 3rd party RPM.
Due to which the installation of my 3rd party RPM fails!

This problem comes due to the order in which the packages get installed.

A strange that i noticed is when I see the package order file, the
kernel package is written in the beginning of it . But, when I see the
installation progress screen in the installation process, the kernel
package gets installed way later after around 83% completion of the

But, my 3rd party RPM tries to get installed before this and throws an
error because it could not find the kernel source till then. However,
the installation completes and after rebooting I can see the error in
the install.log file.

I am not able to figure out how to change the packages installation
order so that kernel rpm could install before my rpm.

I would really appreciate any help on this matter. I am stuck on this
'last' step of completion of my project and need help badly!