[CentOS-devel] HPC Channel in CentOS

Mon Oct 6 12:01:57 UTC 2008
Tsai Li Ming <ltsai at osgdc.org>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Tsai Li Ming wrote:
>> Hi
>> Will CentOS be considering to roll out their own hpc channel, since 
>> Red Hat has announced it[1]? The SRPMS will be out soon.
>> Since Platform OCS is 100% based on Project Kusu[2], I will be able to 
>> assist to help CentOS to have their own hpc channel.
>> Due to the specialized nature of HPC, my team will be ready to help 
>> out in the CentOS forums or mailing lists.
> That sounds good, I've been talking to the guys at platform.com as well. 
>  Over the next few weeks we can work out exactly how we address this HPC 
> stuff.

Yes, I was part of the conversation too.

Looking forward to the collaboration between CentOS and OSGDC/Platform 
on Project Kusu.