[CentOS-devel] Re: xfs volume can not be mounted with uuid or label, only scsi device name /dev/sdb (solved)

Wed Oct 8 16:28:53 UTC 2008
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

John Shen wrote:
> james, thank you so much for your help. indeed, the problem is that
> /etc/blkid/blkid.tab still has the old ext3 entry.
> i changed TYPE to xfs and updated the uuid for /dev/sdb, and now it
> mounts fine with UUID. since i prefer UUID anyway, i did not test
> label, but assume it was the same issue.
> yes, we do use the entire device, which never had problems with other
> fs types, which mount seem to update blkid.tab automatically. still
> not sure why it did not do so for xfs, but as long as it works, i am
> happy.

You get the same issue with ext3 - if an entry doesn't exist in 
/etc/blkid/blkid.tab, then mount by LABEL/UUID will not work for file 
systems on the whole disk - unless you first mount the file system by 
device to create the blkid.tab entry

James Pearson