[CentOS-devel] help with freshmeat.net

Thu Oct 16 18:34:48 UTC 2008
Ricardo Maraschini <ricardo.maraschini at opservices.com.br>

Hi Karanbir,

----- "Karanbir Singh" <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> I think were prolly going to be ok with 2 people added to that list
> for 
> now, if they *dont* keep things updated, how about you and I get 
> together and go beat them up ?

Sounds good, no problem.

> Also, we need someone to make sure http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CentOS 
> has all the various release and versions. Also make sure it stays 
> updated. At the moment it only seems to list major releases for the 
> distro, does not track LiveCD / ServerCD by version. Would you like to
> be responsible for that ?

For sure, but I will do this in my free time(generally after work). If it's OK to you,
my wikipedia user is rmars and my account in Centos Wiki is RicardoMaraschini.
Will be a pleasure to help CentOS team, and congratulations for your great work.