[CentOS-devel] still trying to build upstream srpms

Joe Pruett joey at clean.q7.com
Mon Sep 1 03:15:23 UTC 2008

>> > > >  so in general, how do we know how the upstream builds things?  are
>> > > >  there  logs somewhere on ftp.redhat.com to look at?  or do we have
>> > > >  moles that  tell us?

first off, i don't seem to be getting all of centos-devel.  of this thread 
(6 messages on lists.centos.org), i only seemed to receive my initial post 
and the one from dag.  are there any known problems with the devel email 

second, even though karanbir will be trying to build the rpms i am 
interested in, so far no one has actually answered how we know what 
rpmbuild command line to give.  there are lots of --define possibilities 
and i don't see that info available from a binary rpm.  so how do we know 
how to build a package?

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