[CentOS-devel] still trying to build upstream srpms

Mon Sep 1 08:48:02 UTC 2008
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

Joe Pruett wrote:
>>> > > >  so in general, how do we know how the upstream builds things?  are
>>> > > >  there  logs somewhere on ftp.redhat.com to look at?  or do we have
>>> > > >  moles that  tell us?
> first off, i don't seem to be getting all of centos-devel.  of this 
> thread (6 messages on lists.centos.org), i only seemed to receive my 
> initial post and the one from dag.  are there any known problems with the 
> devel email list?

You are the first to complain. So - no, there aren't known problems. All
mails to your address I can find in the maillog have been taken by the
MX for your domain with a status of 250.

> second, even though karanbir will be trying to build the rpms i am  
> interested in, so far no one has actually answered how we know what  
> rpmbuild command line to give.  there are lots of --define possibilities  
> and i don't see that info available from a binary rpm.  so how do we know 
> how to build a package?

As said (for CentOS 5): If you build an SRPM via mock/plague, you're
doing it nearly the same as Red Hat does: In a clean environment.

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