[CentOS-devel] slow Perl on CentOS 5

Mon Sep 1 09:36:27 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear John.

> _I_ would prefer to pick it up automatically, without having to make special
> configuration changes or use unusual commandline arguments. I'm looking for
> someone to explain why it should not be so, and "binary compatibility" isn't
> it. Nor does the overview at www.centos.org explain why not.

It's not only about binary compatibility (of course this patch might
not break with it). It's more about dividing from upstream.

As mentioned before RH will push out a fix sooner or later. Those
systems that are affected (which is non of mine, at least) may be
patched using testing or even fasttrack repo.

Concerning ft, CentOS seems to differ from RH's repo (not sure if it's
just a question of time that all rh packages will be synced or if it's
just not supported that way).

So as is, CentOS own ft may be used for that reasons (If I understood
Karanbir's statement well).

Best Regards