[CentOS-devel] language specific community subsites

Mon Sep 1 19:25:50 UTC 2008
Cleber Paiva de Souza <cleberps at gmail.com>

I'd like help with br.centos.org if possible.

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 2:13 PM, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Different people seem to have a different take on what the whole point and
> aim of the regional / local communities is. I am laying out here what we
> started with for fr.centos.org and what we hope to use for :
> ja.centos.org
> de.centos.org
> es.centos.org
> cn.centos.org
> -----
> The first thing really is that these are not regional subsites, they are
> language based. Which is why its JA.centos.org and not JP.centos.org - if
> there are other such situations, we would go with the language iso code.
> Moving onto the point of this whole exercise. Well the point is to give
> people who speak and communicate in a specific language a focused CentOS
> centric starting point and a web forum[1] that they can use. And pointers on
> where to go for help, documentations, details on the project etc. And this
> should help provide a means for language teams and translation groups to
> communicate easier.
> Apart from the starting page and forums there will be no other content
> hosted in the language subsites. All the content would be hosted alongside
> the regular english content. eg. the way our wiki is setup right now, and
> how different language translations are handled there.
> I know that fr.centos.org was only a pilot and one issue that lots of people
> pointed out was that it does not look like the other CentOS.org websites.
> Thats a point taken on board, and none of the other subsites are coming up
> till the ArtWork guys have a look and feel sorted for the fr.centos.org
> site. Those guys already have this in their ToDo list.
> Now, if you are interested in helping with any of these language lists,
> please reply to this thread here in the mailing list and let us know.
> - KB
> [1]: this would / should / could really compliment the language specific
> mailing lists we have already got in place, perhaps a forum software that
> can gateway between the two would be nice.
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