[CentOS-devel] language specific community subsites

Tue Sep 2 06:58:59 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Fabian.

> Being involved in the fr.centos.org pilot i can of course help for the other
> $lang.centos.org.
> But the question to answer is the following : which forum/portal stuff will
> be used ? the same we used for fr.centos.org ? Same setup/hierarchy ? a
> dedicated domU or vhost on the same domU as fr.centos.org ?
> Please note that regarding Artwork, the guy who designed the fr.centos.org
> punBB theme (a member of the Fedora project French team) offered to do
> another one if needed .. of course it would be best if he joined the CentOS
> Artwork-SIG, which is something i'll ask him to do if Alain and the rest of

That would be great. I personally do not really like the fr.centos.org
design as it's too colorful in my pov but fresh ideas are always
welcome and we could discuss this on a (hopefully upcoming) Artwork

> the Artwork-SIG team has no time to prepare a standard CentOS template for
> the $lang.centos.org forums ...

I don't think it's (only) a question of time but a question of choice.
The design needs to scale on different screen sizes and should be used
throughout the whole website and subsites to offer a consistent look
and feel. As the CentOS websites are very content oriented it should
be eye friendly, as is the current .org and wiki pages are. A subsite
should look nearly like the main site, so it's also suggested to use
the same software. So Karanbir, please let us know which backend cms
and forum software you are willed to use and to maintain and if the
main site should be migrated, too?

Otherwise we need to make sure that the theme on main and subsites
look nearly the same.

Best Regards