[CentOS-devel] slow Perl on CentOS 5

Tue Sep 2 10:16:26 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

John Summerfield wrote:
>> This 'centosfix' concept could be stretched to fix some other packages 
>> with known problems until upstream gets them fixed. And is a 
>> deliberate opt-in from users that need them (and understand the risks).

We discussed this earlier as well, and till yum-security is functional 
on c4/c5 it looks unlikely to happen.

> That seems moderately sensible, but it should be defined in the standard 
> Centos release files. As should testing and fasttrack.

I disagree. Deliberate opt in requires people to read about the 
potential hole they are going to jump into. At the moment, if you dont 
know about them, you dont use them - you stick to whats in the distro, 
and therefore get the qa benefits, and you get what everyone-else-also-has.

For major updates and changes, there is CentOSPlus, which is included in 
the definitions already.

So neither testing nor fasttrack should be included in the default 
repositories setup on install ( even if they are left disabled ).

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