[CentOS-devel] Testing packages: yum, python-urlgrabber, yum-utils

Wed Sep 3 20:37:26 UTC 2008
David Hrbác( <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

Karanbir Singh napsal(a):
> Updated packages including python-dateutil and yum-3.2.19-6.el5.centos
> will appear shortly in the Testing repo. As before, please test and
> feedback at http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=3084
> There is an update for yum-utils as well, but I need to spend sometime
> working through the extra plugins we enable.
> Also, James pointed out that all issues reported against yum-3.2.17 are
> now fixed in this updated version. Make sure you cross check, just to
> make sure :D

Seems to be ok.