[CentOS-devel] Webstack/ C5

Thu Sep 4 15:29:44 UTC 2008
Joe Pruett <joey at clean.q7.com>

>>  comparing CPlus C4 and C5, postgres 8.1.9->8.2.6, php 5.1.6->5.2.3,
>>  mysql 5.0.62->5.0.56 Would you please update mysql too?
>>  DH
> 5.0.56 isnt a part of the webstack :D, and I've got 5.1.x rc and 5.0.62 done 
> for c5 in the mix, they should both show up in the next few days.

in the past it has been talked about to make the webstack a separate repo 
from centoplus (or maybe it was a sub-repo?).  anyway, i'd vote for 
keeping the upstream webstack isolated so that people can install just 
that and not get some other mysql without explicitly asking for that.

i understand that the testing repo is  more a free-for-all so i just have 
to be careful what i do.