[CentOS-devel] heartbeat.x86_64 0:2.1.3-3.el5.centos install fails

Mon Sep 15 22:14:10 UTC 2008
Jon Ernster <jon.ernster at gmail.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Jon Ernster wrote:
>> Can someone help me diagnose this issue?  I'm running CentOS 5.2
>> x86_64 and the heartbeat rpm seems to bomb out.  I looked in
>> /var/cache/yum/extras/packages but the rpm is there so I can't look at
>> the preinstall script to see what's looking for/expecting?
> this is a known issue, look at bugs.centos.org, its already filed 
> there along with a workaround. I'd guess Johnny is going to fix this 
> for the next update.
Cool thanks for pointing that bug out.  Reinstalling after it fails the 
first time seems to install it like the bug indicates.