[CentOS-devel] Todo list for the Artwork SIG

Wed Sep 17 13:38:21 UTC 2008
Marcus Moeller <mm at gcug.de>

Dear Alain.

> Yes, it is wiki. But maybe it should be on Trac instead, as Marcus
> suggested, so the content  be in a single place, and the trac roadmaps

I have not really suggested to use this or that. I just wantet to make
clear that we should keep the content in one single place for better

There are some disadvantages in using trac which I have already lined
out. One is the 'bad url' to access the trac pages. If
artwork.centos.org (or something like that) would link to trac and the
wiki just points there, all content could be kept in the trac wiki.

Best Regards