[CentOS-devel] geode anyone ?

Sun Sep 21 12:57:41 UTC 2008
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Will Langford wrote:

> installed it.  I've worked with 4.x and 5.0... have yet to experience 5.1.

If you're current with updates, you're on 5.2,

>  So far I've been very very happy with CentOS in general.  My 4.x box got
> violated a couple times, even rooted heh :(.  The 5.0 installation seems to
> be doing much better.  I've had some issues with getting up to date ant/java
> stuff for WowzaMediaServer/Red5, but all in all, I'd say I'm really happy
> with 5.0.
> Here at work, we still use RH9.0 on production servers that go into the
> field (not broke, dont fix it).  If we ever need to do a major update due to

You can rely on this: it's broken. If security is unimportant, fine. 
Otherwise, look at the nearest CentOS.

Just look at the number of updates that come out for any CentOS release, 
especially those that hit several releases, for a rough guide on what 
volume of updatea you might be missing.

> hardware limitations or similar... and a new distro makes sense, it'll be
> CentOS (gotta love being the top of decision making hehehe)... it's been
> rock solid on my remote machines (other than the poor 4.x box heh).



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