[CentOS-devel] Re: geode anyone ?

Mon Sep 22 19:01:03 UTC 2008
Will Langford <unfies at gmail.com>

> Here at work, we still use RH9.0 on production servers that go into the
>> field (not broke, dont fix it).  If we ever need to do a major update due to
>> hardware limitations or similar... and a new distro makes sense, it'll be
>> CentOS (gotta love being the top of decision making hehehe)... it's been
>> rock solid on my remote machines (other than the poor 4.x box heh).
> I suppose you are still running Windows 95 on desktops?

ROFL.  No :).  95 *is* broken :).  We have a mix of Win98 (two systems, for
some stubborn legacy software), Slackware 12, Win2K Pro, 2K Server, 2K
Advanced Server, 2003 Server Enterprise, and XP Pro.  I don't believe we
have a Vista system anywhere yet.

99% of our workstation/desktops need Windows for either development or artsy
tools.  We have a couple odd Windows based servers for some Windows software
we have to communicate with in the field (gotta have local testing!).
 Anything that handles a 'server' aspect in house is Slack.  3 or 4 years
ago, I used to Slack + vmware... but... that was clumsy at best.

For the next distro on remote servers, CentOS will definitely be my choice
(being most similar to existing layout).  Here in house, I might switch over
to it as well during next upgrade bunch... just so that there's a cohesive
layout between field and in house systems.  I've just been a die hard Slack
fan for about 12 years, and it's hard to let go hehehe :).  I've had some
flexibility in that I'm the only linux-admin in house... but... that needs
to change soon, I've got too many responsibilities.  CentOS seems like a
perfect and natural progression.  It's been a breeze to administer remotely
in a non-work environment, and breeds familiarity with the RH9 servers.

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