[CentOS-devel] CentOS-Sparc - New 'Fedora Secondary' Discovery

Lamar Owen

lowen at pari.edu
Wed Apr 1 19:44:07 UTC 2009

On Monday 30 March 2009 21:11:51 Karanbir Singh wrote:
> w.r.t Sparc - I also have 3 machines online 24/7 ( Netra's ) that could
> potentially be the buildsystem / playgrounds.

I have a pair of Enterprise servers that could be pressed into the service.  
One is an E6500 with 14 CPU's and about 14GB of RAM; the other has I think 8 
CPU's and 6 or 7 GB of RAM.  They've been powered down for some time, but I 
did run a corona update from Aurora Linux on them a while back.

Remote console is possible.  Both have a D1000 array with the diff SCSI 
controllers (isp); one has a disk board with two 36G drives on the esp 
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