[CentOS-devel] why provide debuginfo

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Apr 6 09:53:27 UTC 2009

Florian La Roche wrote:
>> * look for a mirror that has debuginfo (sometimes it stops here with debuginfo 
>> for the kernel missing)
> I just add http://debuginfo.centos.org/$releasever/$basearch/ as a new repo into
> all CentOS installs. Disabled by default, but prepared to download rpms from if
> I need to.

With things setup the way they are - network distance from debuginfo to 
the head-node is ~ 400KiB/sec which means that sometimes it takes a very 
long time to sync the debuginfo's into the right place. eg. the sync for 
5.3 started on Sat morning, its about 35% of the way through.

Something to definitely consider / reconsider.

>> * download manually
>> * install manually (including ignoring the fact that debuginfo packages are 
>> unsigned...)
> Hope this can be changed, but no idea where in the process this needs to be.

Change which part ? signing them or automating something ? The reason 
debuginfo's are not signed is that bringing them into a securebox for 
the signing process and pushing them out again easily triples the time 

> I think it is very good to keep the debuginfo separate from the rest of the
> mirror system to not overload mirrors. Question will be on how that scales
> with more and more people accessing debuginfo.centos.org.

At the moment, there are 2 internal and 1 external mirror for debuginfo 
- that can be increased if required. I know that atleast mirrorservice 
and kernel.org have previously said that they will make more space 
available to centos.org if we need it on their mirrors - and they are 
happy to host vhost's for debuginfo / beta's.

- KB

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