[CentOS-devel] RPM issue

Brandon Davidson

brandond at uoregon.edu
Mon Apr 6 21:04:15 UTC 2009

I'm moving this here from from the QA list. For those who missed the original 
thread, it's linked from the bug report.



Brandon Davidson wrote:
> If you look at the spec file for specspo, the string replacement is done 
> with a patch, so it's not just an overeager sed script... but it does seem like 
> some of the replacements are unnecessary.
> Other inappropriate translations are present for rhn-client-tools, rhnsd, and 
> rhn-setup-gnome. The mysqlclient10 package also refers to "CentOS 9" instead of 
> "Red Hat Linux 9". I'm sure there are others I'm overlooking.
> For the next release, perhaps someone could update the patch to remove 
> translations for upstream packages that have been removed from CentOS, as well 
> as going over the remainder to make sure they all make sense?

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