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Graeme Spence

trekkie101 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 21:54:23 UTC 2009

Its no problem Marcus, our license is always being reviewed, but open  
redistribution isn't something we have chosen to support at this time  
due to problems in the past, although we were quite willing to make an  
exception for CentOS and an unmodified version, however what's done is  
done. :)

Good luck with phpBB, their third release is nice. If you do however  
reconsider ever, we are always open to help.


On 9 Apr 2009, at 20:19, Marcus Moeller wrote:

> Dear Graeme,
> First, thanks that you join the discussion.
>> My name is Graeme, I'm a member of the Simple Machines team and I do
>> apologize if I'm posting this to the wrong spot, however if the main
>> issue against our software SMF is the licensing issue regarding re-
>> distribution were quite up for negotiating an agreement as we have
>> done with others. If SMF was being redistributed would it be modified
> I think it's not about individual license agreements, but about
> general open licensing instead.
>> in any way or just a standard SMF package? Its very nice to be
>> considered and we would happily help in any way we can.
> Also I have to consider that you are quite late as we are already
> working hard on phpBB integration.
> Best Regards
> Marcus
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