[CentOS-devel] why provide debuginfo

Pär Andersson

paran at nsc.liu.se
Fri Apr 10 09:34:12 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Change which part ? signing them or automating something ? The reason 
> debuginfo's are not signed is that bringing them into a securebox for 
> the signing process and pushing them out again easily triples the time 
> factor.

Personally I would rather wait even longer if that meant signed 
packages. Of course it would not be an ideal solution, but I think the 
security risk of installing unsigned packages is much worse than the 
inconvenience of waiting.

Also this would only be a big problem at release time, for ordinary 
updates the delay should not be that bad.

> At the moment, there are 2 internal and 1 external mirror for debuginfo 
> - that can be increased if required. I know that atleast mirrorservice 
> and kernel.org have previously said that they will make more space 
> available to centos.org if we need it on their mirrors - and they are 
> happy to host vhost's for debuginfo / beta's.

If disk space on mirrors is a problem you could separate the debuginfo 
into one directory per release, and move older ones to vault.centos.org.


Pär Andersson
National Supercomputer Centre, Sweden

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