[CentOS-devel] Python 2.4.3 deps issue.

Fri Aug 7 08:24:08 UTC 2009
Rabie Van der Merwe <rvdmerwe at mhg.co.za>


I just noticed that while doing an update on one of my CO5.3 x86_64
boxes it listed that it want's to install a load of extra packages
(exhibit A)
I then traced this back to yum wanting to update python to
However when I check one of my RHEL servers it did not have this
dependency (exhibit B) when I updated python.
Is this a bug in the CO package build?

Exhibit A:
Installing for dependencies:
 GConf2                                   x86_64
2.14.0-9.el5                              base               1.5 M
 ORBit2                                   x86_64
2.14.3-5.el5                              base               263 k
 alsa-lib                                 x86_64
1.0.17-1.el5                              base               414 k
 atk                                      x86_64
1.12.2-1.fc6                              base               224 k
 audiofile                                x86_64             1:0.2.6-5
base               107 k
 avahi-glib                               x86_64
0.6.16-1.el5_2.1                          update              14 k
 cdparanoia-libs                          x86_64
alpha9.8-27.2                             base                51 k
 esound                                   x86_64             1:0.2.36-3
base               130 k
 flac                                     x86_64
1.1.2-28.el5_0.1                          base               286 k
 gnome-keyring                            x86_64             0.6.0-1.fc6
base               166 k
 gnome-mime-data                          x86_64             2.4.2-3.1
base               691 k
 gnome-mount                              x86_64             0.5-3.el5
base                70 k
 gnome-vfs2                               x86_64
2.16.2-4.el5                              base               1.3 M
 gstreamer                                x86_64
0.10.20-3.el5                             base               756 k
 gstreamer-plugins-base                   x86_64
0.10.20-3.0.1.el5_3                       update             962 k
 gstreamer-plugins-good                   x86_64
0.10.9-1.el5_3.2                          update             984 k
 gstreamer-plugins-good-devel             x86_64
0.10.9-1.el5_3.2                          update             161 k
 gstreamer-tools                          x86_64
0.10.20-3.el5                             base                18 k
 gtk2                                     x86_64
2.10.4-20.el5                             base               6.5 M
 hicolor-icon-theme                       noarch             0.9-2.1
base                25 k
 libIDL                                   x86_64             0.8.7-1.fc6
base                87 k
 libXcursor                               x86_64             1.1.7-1.1
base                32 k
 libXfixes                                x86_64             4.0.1-2.1
base                15 k
 libXinerama                              x86_64             1.0.1-2.1
base               9.8 k
 libXrandr                                x86_64             1.1.1-3.1
base                15 k
 libXres                                  x86_64             1.0.1-3.1
base                14 k
 libXv                                    x86_64             1.0.1-4.1
base                14 k
 libart_lgpl                              x86_64             2.3.17-4
base                75 k
 libavc1394                               x86_64             0.5.3-1.fc6
base                45 k
 libbonobo                                x86_64
2.16.0-1.fc6                              base               521 k
 libbonoboui                              x86_64
2.16.0-1.fc6                              base               394 k
 libdv                                    x86_64
0.104-4.fc6.1                             base                78 k
 libglade2                                x86_64             2.6.0-2
base                96 k
 libgnome                                 x86_64
2.16.0-6.el5                              base               860 k
 libgnomecanvas                           x86_64             2.14.0-4.1
base               224 k
 libgnomeui                               x86_64
2.16.0-5.el5                              base               984 k
 libiec61883                              x86_64
1.0.0-11.fc6                              base                37 k
 libnotify                                x86_64             0.4.2-6.el5
base                38 k
 libogg                                   x86_64
2:1.1.3-3.el5                             base                18 k
 liboil                                   x86_64             0.3.8-2.1
base               136 k
 libraw1394                               x86_64             1.3.0-1.el5
base                41 k
 libtheora                                x86_64             1.0alpha7-1
base               706 k
 libvorbis                                x86_64
1:1.1.2-3.el5_1.2                         base               219 k
 libwnck                                  x86_64
2.16.0-4.fc6                              base               185 k
 notification-daemon                      x86_64             0.3.5-9.el5
base                48 k
 pkgconfig                                x86_64
1:0.21-2.el5                              base                61 k
 shared-mime-info                         x86_64             0.19-5.el5
base               149 k
 speex                                    x86_64
1.0.5-4.el5_1.1                           base               207 k
 startup-notification                     x86_64             0.8-4.1
base                32 k

Exhibit B:
---> Package python.x86_64 0:2.4.3-24.el5_3.6 set to be updated
|  22 kB     00:00     
| 2.1 MB     00:01     
| 153 kB     00:00     
--> Processing Dependency: /usr/lib64/python2.4 for package:
--> Processing Dependency: /usr/lib64/python2.4 for package:
--> Restarting Dependency Resolution with new changes.

Rabie van der Merwe
Infrastructure Architect


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