[CentOS-devel] iSCSI Enterprise Target

Fri Aug 7 06:37:20 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Karan,

>>> How about, package maintainers will test that their package works
>>> correctly on all architectures and platforms their package supports,
>>> they will then submit the SRPM to enter in the next "scheduled" build
>>> cycle, if it builds clean they should hear nothing, but if it fails
>>> they should get the error report emailed back to them, they will then
>>> need to fix and re-submit for the next build cycle. The CentOS team
>>> will discard any new SRPMs that fail to build.
>> This sort of a thing is easy, let me also plumb in a few more bits :
>> people get 'version control' access, and can then submit and track
>> packages in there, tag'g for builds - and results being immediately
>> visible. With an automated just-build repo's that can be ( should be ? )
>> public. Allowing people to do whatever and how many ever builds they
>> fancy before actually moving their packages ( and they should be able to
>> do this on their own - with an automated process ) into the testing
>> repo's on dev.centos.org (1)

Do you think we could move further .spec/SRPM review to the
bugtracker? Is it possible to attach the necessary files there?

And what about non-free contributions. Will they make it to "Contrib"
or will there be something like "Contrib-nonfree"?

Best Regards