[CentOS-devel] Donating: Out we not be more understanding on the list?

IT2 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR

teners at bh90210.net
Wed Dec 9 19:43:00 UTC 2009

List members,

I am not sure if it is just I, but there seem to be a prevalent amount  
of elitism on this list, and as such I think this is a good time to  
make note of it in the light of working to accept donations.

It will hopefully be instructive to the some several folks (not all of  
course, but a select segment) of people on this list that are  
regularly curt, abrupt, condescending, and dismissive of those asking  
queries of the list to take stock of the fact that their alienating  
effect is long term and not soon forgotten. Surely, this will impact  
one's choice to donate.

Thus, if the greater CentOS community is going to try to accept  
donations from those that see extremely righteous value in their work,  
why spoil that point of view by proving inarguably a contrarian  
outlook by treating people on this list dismissively?

I have no objection to elitism, just noting that sometimes it is  
better to be a non-elitist with donations, that an elitist with less  

Just a word to those that think they are wise, but really need to become wise.



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