[CentOS-devel] TOMOYO enabled kernels for CentOS

Sun Feb 15 06:48:00 UTC 2009
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 02/15/2009 08:35 AM, Tetsuo Handa wrote:
> Hello.
> [...]
> I posted this message as I have several questions.
> (1) TOMOYO can't be built as a kernel module, and will break kabi compatibility
>     checking.
>     Is it possible to add "a rebuilt kernel with added drivers and filesystem
>     support" which breaks kabi compatibility checking into CentOS repository?

    Centos ships in it's official repositories only rpm binaries built 
from the content provided by RH. Those in [Base] and [Updates] try to be 
identical replicas (modulo the usual trademarks/copyrights 
modifications) while those from [Centosplus] enable several (to be read: 
many) modules which are included but not enabled.
    Any kernels which include other modifications, especially patches, 
are provided by alternate channels and private repositories. Therefore 
your patch cannot be included as such in Centos's kernels as long as 
RHEL does not ship it either. However I guess that a reference to TOMOYO 
and a link to the alternate repo could  be added in the wiki, offering 
an opt-in feature for the users who want it. What I am sure is that a 
kernel which breaks ABI will never be part of the official repos, ABI 
compliance for its entire lifespan is one of the core features of the 

> (2) I'm everytime manually patching .spec file and rebuilding RPM package.
>     This causes some delays between the CentOS's kernel release and TOMOYO
>     enabled kernel release. To be able to release updates as soon as possible,
>     I will be happy if an automated build environment is available.
>     Can I release updates sooner than now?
Well, you could use upstream's src rpm and/or correlate with Centos 

> (3) Whose GPG key is used for signing "modules in TOMOYO enabled kernel RPM
>     package" and "TOMOYO enabled kernel RPM packages"?
Probably yours :)