[CentOS-devel] Google's SoC 2009

Tue Jan 20 17:23:05 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


Is there anyone who would like to take ownership of a CentOS effort into 
GSoC ? Its something we have often thought about ( I have anyway ), but 
time restrictions have meant that nothing has happened on this front in 
many years.

Here is what I am expecting :

- Someone who can research and work out whats involved, document it 
somewhere ( wiki perhaps ? )
- Lead the CentOS pitch to google, hopefully pushing through to us 
getting accepted into the scheme. If that happens then :
   - Organise wish lists, prioritise what projects we are looking at
   - Organise the 'student' pool
   - Organise the 'mentor' pool
   - Be *the* GSoC-CentOS person.

No idea how much time this is going to take, but it should be safe to 
assume its going to be a few hours/week commitment. And its going to be 
over a significant portion of the year.

Anyone ?

* I dont mind if more than 1 person wants to take this on as a team.

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