[CentOS-devel] Where to start in CentOS-devel

Fri Jan 23 01:07:29 UTC 2009
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Dougal Ballantyne wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a long time Red Hat Linux/RHEL/CentOS user and would like to try
> and start putting back into CentOS. Where is a good place  to start?

Depends on what you want do do. Helping out on the users list is good. 
Examining the bugs collection is good, especially if you find something 
you can fix. Offering a hand when volunteers are needed is very good. 
Finding what happened to the s390 port and getting involved is good, it 
seems to have stalled a few times. Writing documentation is very good 
(but best done by people who have a talent for clear writing).

Using another distro is good: SUSE, Debian and others have different 
ways of doing things, and sometimes their ways are better. There's 
nothing wrong with arguing for their better ideas to be incorporated in 
RHEL (or Fedora which is the more likely way into RHEL).

RH has just announced RHEL 5.3. Getting involved in testing and fixing 
the about-to-be CentOS 5.3 is very good.



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