[CentOS-devel] [OT] bug in vnc+xinetd+fedora10?

Fri Jun 5 13:20:39 UTC 2009
Alberto Castillo <proyecto.edulin at gmail.com>

Hi folks!
Sorry if this is very strange that I speak about fedora here, but I
have trouble and I do not how resolve, in fedora lists I hope that can
response me too!
Last night, I can run my micro distro with a 486 and 4MB ram + vnc
client to a Fedora 10 vnc server.
The cuestion is that when I connect the server give me in same time 2
instances of gdmgreeter!!!
in short: when I connect I can see too login screen one on top of the
other, and I when I login with a user, this can enter fine, but still
I have the login screen mix with the Desktop!!!
I can not out from sessions!
I never seen that before...
Some idea?
The configuration of vnc server and xinetd is the same that k12ltsp centos5
Thank you for read!
Alberto Castillo

PD: I edit the mail. that have find that only with resolution
800*600*16 occurs this. In 640*480*16 do not have problems, I
revisited all the code and I do not find anything wrong.