[CentOS-devel] Delayed CentOS updates and releases

Sat Jun 20 00:52:19 UTC 2009
Dag Wieers <dag at wieers.com>


We still have a problem with CentOS-5 updates not being available up to 3 
to 7 days after they were announced by Red Hat and appeared on the FTP 

Additionally, CentOS 4.8 still hasn't been pushed to the QA team.

Let's take 2 examples for C-5 updates, the recent kernel update and the 
firefox update. According to what I can find:

  * firefox 3.0.11-2.el5_3

     timestamp on RH ftp:  09 Jun 2009 12:55
     announced by RH:      11 Jun 2009 19:22 CEST

     built by SL:          12 Jun 2009 17:30 CEST
     timestamp on SL ftp:  12 Jun 2009 19:39 CEST
     announced by SL:      12 Jun 2009 22:23 CEST

     built by CentOS:      17 Jun 2009 03:03 CEST
     timestamp on mirror:  19 Jun 2009 11:05 CEST
     announced by CentOS:  19 Jun 2009 11:07 CEST

  * kernel 2.6.18-128.1.15.el5

     timestamp on RH ftp:  15 Jun 2009 05:22
     announced by RH:      16 Jun 2009 18:39 CEST

     built by CentOS:      17 Jun 2009 02:16 CEST
     timestamp on mirror:  19 Jun 2009 09:43 CEST
     announced by CentOS:  19 Jun 2009 09:44 CEST

Having te kernel 60h after Red Hat is questionable, but having firefox 
arrive more than week after Red Hat announced it is probably harder to 

The kernel update is of severity Important, but the firefox update is 
deemed Critical.

Apart from that, we haven't seen CentOS-4.8 hit the QA team for 1 month 
now. No reports of what is going on or what is stalling the release. Since 
the QA team will need some time to test installations, we can expect 
another 2 weeks delay, which would make it 7+ weeks before it hits the 
mirrors if it would be delivered today, which is unlikely.

So I don't want to be the guy who is serving you the bad news, but unless 
we do something about it from an organisational point of view, things are 
unlikely to improve.

So, what can we do about this to improve the situation ?

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