[CentOS-devel] SPARC Beta el5 SRPMS ?

Wed Mar 25 15:10:29 UTC 2009
d b <spooker321 at gmail.com>

To all...

I know the Sparc EL5 port is beta/alpha/gamma...
I was able to install base server package using a tftp image.
ls -la /tftpboot/tftp64.img
-rw-r--r--   1 root     root     9154949 Mar 24 16:39 /tftpboot/tftp64.img

I even was able to download the recent curl-7.15.5-2.1.el5.4 update from
redhat and rebuild it...
(After installing alot of other rpms) . Using "sparc32 rpmbuild -ba
specfile" worked like a champ..

Great job. The Sparc EL5 port works in my book.

How can I get the SRPMS used to build the sparc el5 port?...
It looks like a few have sparc specific changes/additions...

For example...

There are others but I can only find a couple at

Some of the rpms were recently rebuilt so someone is using t2000-c5 for

Thank you...

Ultra80 with 4 CPU's
uname -a
Linux lpaper 2.6.18-53.c5sparc #1 SMP Mon Mar 10 21:50:16 CDT 2008 sparc64
sparc64 sparc64 GNU/Linux

grep cpu /proc/cpuinfo
cpu             : TI UltraSparc II  (BlackBird)
ncpus probed    : 4
ncpus active    : 4
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