[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5.3 ETA?

Thu Mar 5 06:08:58 UTC 2009
Milan Keršláger <milan.kerslager at pslib.cz>

Dne 1.3.2009 1:42, William Warren napsal(a):
> On 2/28/2009 1:20 AM, Yogesh Sharma wrote:
>> Hi
>> 5.3 ETA Yet ?
>> Is this one person show ?
> one person show?  try go searching the forums on centos.org before you 
> make a fool of yourself again.  If you don't like the pace of 
> development..how about you pitch in instead of being asinine?

I would be glad if the CentOS team be a little bit community-oriented. I 
saw posts here about "soon", then "no QA yet" etc. This leads to me like 
prominent show only and not community project.

Please ask for help if you are unable to proceed now, soon and quickly. 
We don't want to steal your credit. We want to feel more safe, less 
dependent upon free time of few "core" team members and not be pushed 
into the dark (dont't ask, wait until we are ready, we don't want you 
know about progress etc).

We still do not have security update for the kernel even 5.2.z release 
is out (2009-02-24). This is extremely pitty as we are able to help but 
we are not supposed to (as we can read here). And we are vulnerable 
(marked as Important)...


                             Milan Keršláger