[CentOS-devel] Forum migration: newbb_to_phpbb

Mon Mar 23 16:20:41 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mmoeller at econet.ch>

Dear Karan.

>>> The users are copied from xoops user table onto an LDAP server.
>> I personally have no dump of the xoops user table, so maybe Karan
>> could give it a try. LDAP connection is already set up on TestVM.
> I can definitely arrange for that - however the idea of a 'copy' cant
> work - we need to have a situation where the userdata is shared between
> the rest of the website and whatever we are using for the forums ( I was
> under the impression that this was a goal ? ).

The 'copy' is just for testing purpose. We would like to have a full
working installation within our TestVM before we go live. I am also
not sure if the XOOPS accounts are already stored within LDAP right

If so, it won't be necessary to import the LDAP related stuff on the
live system but the phpBB user association.

Btw. Al: have you successfully tested forums and posst import, already?

Best Regards