[CentOS-devel] RPM of BrOffice.org

Thu Mar 26 09:45:51 UTC 2009
Luciano Miguel Ferreira Rocha <strange at nsk.no-ip.org>

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 01:11:34AM -0300, Thiago Avelino wrote:
> That we could be putting to the people that are using CentOS in Brazil
> and the default install OpenOffice for BrOffice, what do you think?

Well, here's my suggestion:

1. Have a person responsible for the BrOffice package, as there are
others responsible for other packages in CentOS;

2. A Brazilian team would then be responsible for creating a spin with
BrOffice instead of OpenOffice, responsible for the ISOs and the mirrors
in Brazil;

3. The CentOS people would verify the signature of the packages in that
spin, that only OpenOffice was replaced, and then sign the

That should reduce the amount of additional work to the CentOS team,
while allowing for the Brazilian spin to use the CentOS name.

(Please note that I'm just an interested observer, and I speak for
neither the CentOS or Brazilian team...)

Luciano Rocha

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