[CentOS-devel] RPM of BrOffice.org

Thu Mar 26 11:58:20 UTC 2009
Claudio F Filho <filhocf at openoffice.org>

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My name is Claudio Filho and i was the L10N lead and yet am the
marketing contact and native language to Brazil and pt-BR of
OpenOffice.org project.

Recently, Thiago told with me about the BrOffice.org(Broo) and i asked
why haven't the Broo in CentOS. Today, he sent me informations about
this list, i read all the thread, and now i will try to reply all
questions about this thread.

Just to make some things a little clearer. The name "Open Office" is
trademarked in Brazil. The logo, splash and other branding elements are
not. The trademark itself is registered in Brazil's Patent and Trademark
Office[1] (INPI) and can be checked at their site. Unfortunately there
is no direct link...

Because this problem, the owner of brand/trademark started a juridic
campaign to get money of people that are using "OpenOffice*" in Brazil
and requesting compensations($$) from developers like the brazilian OOo
team and Sun Microsystems. They have *goods* lawyers, and we has luck of
to get help with lawyers of Federal Gov for our defense.

The result is that all user (win, mac or linux) that use a program
'OpenOffice*' (can be "Open Office", "OpenOffice" or "OpenOffice.org"),
by interpretation of INPI, is breaking the copyrights of owner of the
brand. So, by determination of Federal Government, is denied the use of
"OpenOffice*", and the official option is BrOffice.org. To protect our
devels and users, we created a NGO (with the same name) and registered
the brand 'BrOffice.org' saving our necks (and of our users) of juridic

In 2006, i spoke with Rene Engelhard, lead of OOo team in Debian, about
our problem and he created a "semi" meta-package[2] of Broo in him distro.
Why "semi" meta-pkg? Because this pkg depends of OOo pkgs and have more
the files and changes of name and images (splash, about, etc), with ~3.8Mb.

Today, for brazilian users that uses Debian haven't legal problems, and
what Thiago (and me) wishes is extend this legal situation to brazilian
users of CentOS.

Ah! and the more important is that Broo NOT IS a fork of OOo. Broo is
the pt-BR OOo! This question was discussed in the OOo Council and
approved, and reflected in our page[3] inside of OOo Project.

Best regards
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