[CentOS-devel] freeradius-2.1.3 spec

Mon Mar 30 12:37:02 UTC 2009
Jeff Johnson <n3npq at mac.com>

On Mar 30, 2009, at 8:17 AM, Niels de Vos wrote:

> Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
>> I'm not sure how this would be handled if the install was via yum.
>> Would freeradius be installed first, thus avoiding the errors?
>> Is there a way to indicate which package should be installed  
>> first?  Is
>> it even worth it?
> Yes, you can influence the order. I expect you have
> 	Requires: freeradius
> for freeradius-libs in the .spec. If you replace that by
> 	PreReq: freeradius
> the freeradius RPM will get installed before freeradius-libs.
> You probably want to push this change upstream by creating a Bugzilla
> entry for Fedora ;)

This is not true for years. All requires are used for ordering,
prereq and requires are handled identically.

All that adding prereq does is not ignore a dependency in a loop.

If you have a loop, then you need to fix the loop, not pretend
that PreReq: does anything useful.

73 de Jeff