[CentOS-devel] LiveCD development

Dag Wieers

dag at centos.org
Fri May 1 18:48:11 UTC 2009

On Fri, 1 May 2009, Marcus Moeller wrote:

> Dear Dag,
>> I am amazed by the usefulness of the CentOS LiveCD and I would like to
>> discuss the scope of the project. Some of the recommendations I made
>> go against the original idea of LiveCD project.
>> But my (outside) stance on the LiveCD is that it should give the best
>> achievable experience possible for people when trying CentOS. To me that
>> includes adding drivers that are available in other repositories (which
>> are missing from upstream, including wireless firmware, etc...)
>> I do agree that as soon as we leave the deliver-what-upstream-has path, we
>> may open a can of worms (do we also want to fix known bugs ? replace
>> upstream software ? legality ?), so we have to decide what is desirable,
>> what is possible and where the project's effort ends.
> I don't think that there is a need to divide from upstream atm. and am
> not really willed to break compatibility for features.
> Concerning the Live-CD, I would suggest to offer a stable version that
> reflects the CentOS release with all dis-advantages it may have (not
> installable, e.g.)

So it becomes effectively useless for everyone with a netbook/laptop and 
needs wireless ? I cannot use the LiveCD unless I somehow transfer the 
firmware (or remake the LiveCD), you loose users, hurt the project.

Upstream doesn't have a LiveCD, so I don't see a good point in maintaining 
the same hardware support in that respect. It only hurts the LiveCD 
effort. (Same for additional drivers for netbooks/laptops/desktops)

What's even more, upstream does have wireless firmware in their addon 
repository, so in effect we are not offering the same as they are offering 
to customers.

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