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Karanbir Singh

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Wed May 6 10:28:29 UTC 2009

Patrice Guay wrote:
> Creating to different LiveCD (official vs plus) does make sense. With 
> the official LiveCD, you experience the equivalent CentOS release and 
> see how your hardware is supported.

This pretty much follows what I was thinking as well, with one 
difference. Lets not call it 'official' and 'plus'. The 'plus' name is 
good, since it would reflect on the state of the media well, however the 
   word 'official' is a bit misleading. Anything we put on 
mirror.centos.org and announce publicly is 'official', wether its plus 
or otherwise. Anyone have other recommendations for what it might be 
called ? where it == livecd built from the distro only, using pkgs in 
the distro only [1]

> The LiveCD 'plus' includes packages from 3rd party repositories. It 
> could include monitoring software, rescue utilities. It could also 
> demonstrate how CentOS could be improved to support additional hardware. 

Including packages from third party repo's is something that makes me a 
bit uncomfortable, since there is little or no feedback loop that most 
people would have. I'd like to look at things from the flip side if we 
can - how about we bring those packages into the centos repo's or XX 
repo and use that to base things from, that would also allow us to have 
and test an update path for individual packages. In most cases, its just 
  being able to speak with the existing packagers in the various repos 
and asking to shadow their work, few if any would object. Many would 
gladly offer to help directly.

> However, trying to find a consensus about which packages/features should 
> be included in this LiveCD is nearly impossible.

I think we just need to be a bit more focused on what the real goal is, 
and not worry too much about the implementation bits. eg: we should not 
throw away the idea of a liveDVD, if so required. and/or publishing pxe 
images that would boot the live[CD]VD's either. Package consensus will 
come with the efforts and work cycles.

- KB

[1]: we still need the livecd tools from 'outside' the [base].
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