[CentOS-devel] LiveCD development

Patrice Guay

patrice.guay at nanotechnologies.qc.ca
Wed May 6 12:58:20 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Patrice Guay wrote:
>> The LiveCD 'plus' includes packages from 3rd party repositories. It 
>> could include monitoring software, rescue utilities. It could also 
>> demonstrate how CentOS could be improved to support additional hardware. 
> Including packages from third party repo's is something that makes me a 
> bit uncomfortable, since there is little or no feedback loop that most 
> people would have. I'd like to look at things from the flip side if we 
> can - how about we bring those packages into the centos repo's or XX 
> repo and use that to base things from, that would also allow us to have 
> and test an update path for individual packages. In most cases, its just 
>   being able to speak with the existing packagers in the various repos 
> and asking to shadow their work, few if any would object. Many would 
> gladly offer to help directly.
We could start by moving the livecd tools repository from my own webserver
to an official CentOS yum repository. The same yum repository could be used
to host 3rd party packages that are officially supported with the LiveCD


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