[CentOS-devel] [CentOS] jigdo images working... sorta

Scott Dowdle

dowdle at montanalinux.org
Thu May 7 21:48:08 UTC 2009


> ----- Scott Dowdle wrote:
> > I'd guess that your basic os tree you created isn't in the same format
> > as the mirrors then.  I'm running it against the non-dvd mirror that I
> > have and my results are below.
> Ok, I think I got it working.  I removed the rsync step and had the
> last item to jigdo-file be ${arch}//.  I guess you wanted it a little
> different because you were excluding some things.  That seems to
> work.

Well, it worked in the sense that it generated reasonably sized .jigdo and .template files but they didn't work.  When I download the .jigdo file on a client machine and run jigdo-lite against it...it doesn't seem to know where to download anything from and just looks on the local filesystem for all files, finds none, and gives up.

It certainly isn't your job to teach me jigdo-file.  I'll figure it out.  I'm just glad you prompted me to give it a try.

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