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Scott Dowdle

dowdle at montanalinux.org
Fri May 8 03:59:54 UTC 2009


----- "Shad L. Lords" <slords at lordsfam.net> wrote:
>      for iso in $(find ../isos/i386/ -name '*.iso' -size +100000)

Duh, found the error.  It is "i386" above.  That should be "$arch".  What it was doing was it would build the i386 .jigdo and .template files for i386... and then it would move on to the loop for x86_64 and be building them against the i386 isos and having to embed the missing files that differed from the x86_64.jigdo/ directory.  I fixed that typo and it worked fine.

Using a mounted DVD .iso as my source directory I did remove all of your excludes in the rsync section and added --exclude 'TRANS.TBL'.  To test I built all of the isos and checked the sha1sums against the official CDs and they came out perfect.

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