[CentOS-devel] s390 SIG meeting (May 18, 20:00 UTC)

Jae-hwa Park

jaehwa at gmail.com
Fri May 15 07:31:49 UTC 2009


I found that there were some activities for s390 SIG several months ago,
but there were not many people interested in s390 at the time, I think.
Karanbir is working on s390x for centos 5.0 now, isn't he?
And there might be some people who interested in building s390x port
for centos 5.3, so we should talk about this SIG again.

The meeting will be held on IRC(#centos-devel) at 20:00 UTC 18th May 2009.
(05:00 KST-9 19th May 2009) Anyone interested should join in.

Agenda which I thought is like below:
1. where are we?
2. what should we do?
   - check the build system(real iron)
   - make build system environment
   - fix errors
   - etc. ?
   - role and responsibility
3. schedule
4. some other topic?

If anyone have any other ideas, please post your idea.

See you then.

Jae-hwa(Jerry)  Park <jaehwa at gmail.com>

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