[CentOS-devel] Web Environment Design

Alain Reguera Delgado

areguera at allmail.net
Thu May 28 15:51:08 UTC 2009

Hi Guys,

Actually CentOS uses many free software applications to handle its
needs. Those applications have their own design and when you see them as
a whole they don't visually fit among them. Additionally, when you are
in one application, for example the wiki, there isn't always a visible
link referring other sections, like forums, bugs, docs, downloads,
projects ...

Don't know if you are agree with the idea of a common and predictable
design for the applications we use; so I've organized some ideas in the
following wiki page for you to consider and improve:


As part of these ideas a redesing for mailman application was requiered:


Others applications may be modified to ... but before that I would like
to know what do you think about it. I would like to be focused on what
CentOS really needs for its improvement.

Best Regards,

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