[CentOS-devel] Lang subsites/ portals

Mon Nov 2 12:35:37 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Karan,

>> We dont actually have a web team at the moment, but the Infra team
>> should be a good representative of that side of things.
>> And anyone else who wants to come along ( specially if more Language
>> groups than mentioned above want to get involved at this stage ).
>> CentOS has a voip setup in place, that also has some dial in numbers for
>> the US, UK and Germany - and of-course other people can join over voip
>> from anywhere in the world. We will try and get some instructions on
>> howto achieve this online well in advance.
>> I am going to propose having this conversation on the 18th Nov at 1945 UTC.

Would be okay for me, too.

Best Regards