[CentOS-devel] Lang subsites/ portals

Thu Nov 19 12:23:55 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>


The meeting last evening was mostly fruitful. There were 4 major points 
that came through:

1) Do we want the language specific content to go in as 
<lang>.centos.org with forums and a small portal behind each one of 
those ( like fr.centos.org ) - or is it more userfriendly to have the 
resources abstracted out and each language specific content being marked 
in different namespace from the english content - eg. wiki.centos.org 
and wiki.centos.org/es . This would imply a forums.centos.org comes up 
and the spanish specific content is held at forums.centos.org/es

2) A unified login setup is considered fairly high value, so one 
username/password would work across all the various *.centos.org sites. 
There are a few different ways to achieve this, however only when the 
user facing decisions are made will we look into this so as to not waste 
time with options that are not usable or will not be usable in the final 

3) We want to ideally only have one instance of any bit of software, and 
have that support the languages natively. If there isnt any support for 
multiple languages - consider what is involved in bringing that language 
support in.

4) Most of the people who attended the talk where people who dont 
themselves either use the forums or know much about them and how they 
are used - so the idea came up to put together a set of questions, and 
then have the existing forum users and list users provide some feedback. 
Exactly what these questions need to be, is something that needs working 
on. A wiki page will get setup and we can all put in suggestions.

During the meeting it was agreed that we would discuss these points here 
in the lists so as to get some traction around them. And then have 
another 45 min chat[1] in a few weeks time to recap on development and 
also to finalise what questions need to be in the questionnaire.

- KB

[1]: so if you are 40 min late, dont be surprised if everyone else 
leaves after 5 minutes :)