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Sun Nov 22 15:08:06 UTC 2009
Cleber Souza <cleber.lists at gmail.com>

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 5:58 AM, Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de> wrote:
> Hi all.
>> 4) Most of the people who attended the talk where people who dont
>> themselves either use the forums or know much about them and how they
>> are used - so the idea came up to put together a set of questions, and
>> then have the existing forum users and list users provide some feedback.
>> Exactly what these questions need to be, is something that needs working
>> on. A wiki page will get setup and we can all put in suggestions.
>> Not to over extend my welcome, but I'm still subscribed to the mailing lists
>> from the last discussions on forums/site. Still active on the Simple
>> Machines Team producing SMF, but I could probably help out with general
>> forum "stuff" with whatever choice is taken. Can probably answer most
>> questions on usage and trends.
> I guess the question is not about which software should be used. There
> has been an evaluation process in the past:
> http://wiki.centos.org/WebsiteVer2/forums
> and migration scripts from new-bb to phpbb are already available and
> ready for testing:
> http://wiki.centos.org/WebsiteVer2/forums/newbb_to_phpbb

Sorry, I saw this link in the past.
My intended was just to cite a tool that solve by itself all the
questions about internationalization.

> The question is how a setup should look like, and imho something like:
> forums.centos.org - holding the main english forums
> and
> forums.centos.org/$LANG for language specific forums

I personally like this kind of organization.

> is a good solution and would match the actual wiki layout.
> Besides that, I still think a section within the main forum (like
> French CentOS support) and a multilingual forum backend should fit in
> first place. If the demand is getting higher a real subforum in forum
> of forums.centos.org/$LANG could be created.
> Best Regards
> Marcus
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