[CentOS-devel] [CentOS-qa] 5.4 - i386 isos and tree

Tue Oct 13 19:35:45 UTC 2009
Patrice Guay <patrice.guay at nanotechnologies.qc.ca>

Douglas McClendon wrote:
> Patrice Guay wrote:
>> Phil Schaffner wrote:
>>> What help do you need on
>>> getting persistence working, or on LiveCD development in general?
>> For the persistence feature, I am looking for a set of patches that 
>> apply for the current livecd-tools package. I am currently comparing 
>> livecd-tools 015 and 014. Since the persistence feature was added in the 
>> 015 version, I will try to extract the required patches from the 
>> differences between both versions. Any help on this front would be 
>> appreciated.
> I'm here, and the author of the relevant feature.  Though I won't be 
> online much in the next 24 hours, but after that I'm sure I can get you 
> going.

Your help would be appreciated.

> Also, if I could convince you to squeeze in another ~100kb package into 
> the LiveCD, it would allow an experimental 'rebootless installation' in 
> addition to the traditional and stable rebootful kind provided by anaconda.

The current CentOS LiveCD doesn't support installation from the live 
media. This feature requires a newer version of the anaconda package 
than the one provided by the CentOS 5 official tree (liveinst binary). 
Since CentOS is supporting its packages for 7 years, introducing a new 
version of a critial package such as anaconda and providing support for 
it would be unrealistic.

However, I tested and documented the installation from a live media: 

Maybe this feature could be added to the 'unsupported' branch of the 
CentOS LiveCD project.