[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5.4 Status

Wed Oct 14 06:09:02 UTC 2009
IT2 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR <teners at bh90210.net>

Mr. Herrold,

    Please understand that it is with no pleasure accorded to me that I must
go and correct the some several assertions you have proffered within your
commentary, as they are most certainly anomalous in nature.

    I think you might be well served to realize that most people have the
expectation that no matter how slowly a project might progress, the status
does change from time to time. And in the absence of a weekly or monthly
status report on its progression, it is quite reasonable to proffer a
request for pronouncement of the project's status. My queries were not
specific to the S/390 apportionment of the 5.4 distribution from CentOS, but
part of a greater overarching query regarding 5.4 more generally.

    Indeed, showing interest in the direction a particular distribution is
heading, is actually contributing. It might not be writing code, but having
the discussion about the needs of the community and the sorts of platforms
that said community members might otherwise search for support on, is a
contribution of intellectual value in terms distinctly not uncertain.

    Moreover, your presumption regarding my standing to represent the US
Navy specifically concerning any interest in a S/390 distribution is
entirely erroneous, but I appreciate you think highly enough of me that the
Navy would leave that to me. However, I am sorry that you were so easily
confused by the fact that my being a sailor in the Navy meant that I might
be representing the Navy needing this distribution, as I do not represent
the interests of the Navy regarding my comments. In fact, notwithstanding
the fact that I never said the Navy had any desire for a S/390 variant of
CentOS, what maybe far more likely is that I have a P/390 and am interested
to see it come to fruition for the purposes of my personal mainframe

    Lastly, it instructive that many years ago I spent hours on the phones
with folks from RedHat, back when they sold more books than Linux CDs,
trying report bugs and explain where I thought the code could be improved.
However, just to show you my heart is in the right place, once a 5.x variant
is at least in beta for the S/390 platform (from CentOS), I shall certainly
be happy to contribute by beta testing it and turning in bug reports. I
await the project's advancement to said milestone, such that I can begin
contributing sir.

    Now personally, I have my doubts as to a FOSS Fairy, but, just in case,
I placed a CD with CentOS 3.9 for S/390 under my pillow! :)

    I appreciate your taking the time to review my reply comments, and look
forward to discussing the needs of the greater CentOS community in more
detail with you as the project moves forward.

    Have a wonderful and blessed day sir.

Very Respectfully Submitted,

Stuart B. Tener


'IT2 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR':

You have asked this how many times without contributing to
advancing such an effort, now?

If the Navy wants it, step and fund a run at it.  If you do,
put your shoulder to the wheel.  I described my effort on an
IBM provided build instance the last time this question was
asked [with published build sources, and result packages], and
the time before that as well, and I am sure it is in the

Stuff is not just magically delivered by the FOSS fairy

-- Russ herrold


Very Respectfully,

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