[CentOS-devel] Mock patch speeds up 'mock init' to 5 Seconds from cache (linked, rsync'd)

Tue Oct 27 17:52:08 UTC 2009
Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>

Brian Schueler wrote:
> Especially my old PowerBook G4 / 400 MHz PowerPC (running C-5 ppc
> edition) 

Hmm, i think you really want to join the SIG (we need to create one for 
that though) for the CentOS PPC/PPC64 arch ...
I'm still building RPMforge PPC RPMS on an old G4 400Mhz too (with mock 
on top of FC6) and i have a replacement machine that i'd love to use for 
that (waiting for c5 PPC to appear) : a macmini G4 1200Mhz / 1Gb ram.
I actually use the autocache feature and that's not a big problem here 
.. but maybe (surely) faster with your patch ..

Fabian Arrotin
idea=`grep -i clue /dev/brain`
test -z "$idea" && echo "sorry, init 6 in progress" || sh ./answer.sh