[CentOS-devel] Mock patch speeds up 'mock init' to 5 Seconds from cache (linked, rsync'd)

Wed Oct 28 17:34:21 UTC 2009
Shad L. Lords <slords at lordsfam.net>

Brian Schueler wrote:
> Therefore is the second copy named 'clean-cache-copy', which
> repairs the tainted files. The clean-cache-copy is _not_ linked
> and represent the original root cache. rsync syncs it to the
> 'linked-cache-copy' and ensures that the content is always the
> same before each mock build.

And do all mock builds link against this copy?  What happens if you have 
3-4 builds going on at the same time?  Are there any files that would be 
linked between chroots? (If all the chroots link to linked-cache-copy 
then the answer would be yes)

If you are just making a copy for each chroot then that isn't really any 
different then just modifying existing behavior but removing the gzip on 
the tarball